Current Projects

Design and control of high-speed bearingless motors

Funding: NSERC Discovery Grant, UBC WLIURA

We conduct fundamental research to develop bearingless motors suitable for high-speed industrial applications. The research topics include 1) design of multi-phase power electronic converters using GaNFET power devices and FPGA-based controllers, 2) design of novel bearingless motor topologies using magnet-free/reduced-magnet rotors and multi-phase windings, and 3) modeling and analysis of bearingless motors for design optimization and model-based control.

Dipole IPM Bearingless Slice Motor

Homopolar Bearingless Slice Motor

Condition monitoring of mechanical pulp refiners

Funding: UBC Advanced Papermaking Initiative

Collaborator: Dr. Ahmad Mohammadpanah

We are developing a technology for non-destructive condition monitoring of mechanical pulp refiners using a combination of acoustic signal processing and machine learning.

Metal 3-D printing system using direct laser deposition

Funding: NSERC Discovery Grant, UBC CREAT-U

Collaborator: Dr. Xiaoliang Jin, Dr. Ryozo Nagamune, and Dr. Steve Feng

This project will focus on system integration to achieve a laboratory-based additive manufacturing system. The system is expected to perform the deposition of metal powders layer-by-layer using a laser beam. The key components currently available at UBC include a 4-axis motion platform, a laser generator, laser beam optics, a deposition head, and a power feeder. The integration of the mechanical and electrical components and the development of the control system will be performed to enable the functioning of the system.