Past Projects

LIGO active wavefront control

Dr. Noh participated in developing a new type of piezo-based deformable mirror for the LIGO active wavefront control. This is a system to actively change the curvature of a mirror to optimally focus a laser beam into a downstream optical cavity. Because the LIGO mirrors need to be super-polished for excellent surface figure, we cannot use a thin mirror (1 mm) as in typical adaptive optics. Instead, we developed a novel flexure mechanism that holds a thick mirror (6 mm) and applies a distributed moment on the mirror barrel with a piezo actuator.

Bearingless blood pumps for life support

Dr. Noh developed a bearingless blood pump whose rotor/impeller is magnetically levitated and rotated by a single stator unit. The contact-free operation reduces heat and stress imposed on the blood flow, thereby preventing hemolysis and thrombosis. A novel aspect of the pump is that the rotating body does not include permanent magnets. This reduces the unit cost of the pump head which should be disposed for each patient each time.

Dipole-magnet reaction spheres for satellite attitude control

Dr. Noh participated in developing a spherical motor that levitates and rotates a dipole-magnet rotor. The motor can generate an average reaction torque about any axis, which can be utilized to control the orientation of a satellite. This single sphere can reduce the size, weight, and power consumption of a satellite attitude control system by substituting for the conventional three momentum wheels.

Less-invasive correction of long-gap esophageal atresia (LGEA)

LGEA is a rare-birth disorder where a baby is born with a disconnected esophagus. Dr. Noh developed a magnet-tipped catheter that can be inserted into the esophageal segments to stretch the tissue for tension-induced growth. A hydraulic piston is embedded at the tip of the catheter to control and measure the tension applied to the esophageal segments. The device enables less-invasive surgical correction of LGEA than the current standard method that requires multiple open-chest surgeries.

Flea-inspired jumping robot

Dr. Noh developed a 2 cm scale flea-inspired jumping robot that jumps 30 times its body size.