MECH 421 — Mechatronic System Instrumentation

Learn a systematic way of integrating together what you have learned in previous courses to design and control feedback mechatronic systems.

  • Circuits: Linear circuits, Op-amp circuits, Power amplifier, Differential measurement.
  • Controls: LTI systems, Loop shaping, Digital control, Noise filtering.
  • Motors: Brushed DC motors, Brushless DC motors.

MECH 410K/540C — Advanced Mechatronics

Learn how to analyze and design mechatronic devices, e.g., sensors, actuators, and motors. Maxwell’s equations in quasi-static regimes. Interaction between the fields and materials via polarization and magnetization. Magnetic circuits. Force densities and Maxwell stress tensors. Energy method for electromagnetic forces and torque. Applications to electromagnetic sensors, voice coil actuators, reluctance actuators, electrostatic actuators, permanent-magnet synchronous motors, and piezoelectric actuators. Control systems for motors and piezoelectric actuators.